Ready to take on more info? Caution, can be a bit overwhelming if this is all new to you!

For those of you lucky enough to have had a chance to use your toolboxtime™ deck, here is some of the further information we reference:

  • An application technique for essential oils mentioned in toolboxtime™ is Vita Flex. This application stimulates all the body systems on a physical and emotional level. The pressure applied by the fingers comes through a rolling motion, through the pads, tips and nails. The energy produced during this technique transfers to the nerve pathways and repairs imbalance. Your chosen card will recommend essential oils, use these in combination with this simple technique.

We’ve added some of our favourite links that embody the principles of self-care and awareness:

SpiritScienceSS EnLIGHTenment (13 minutes) become aware of what IS. And what IS, is seeing everything simply “as it is”, with no preconceived ideas or stories being placed on top of circumstances.
SelfAwareness Self awareness with Deepak Chopra (3 minutes)
DeepakChopSS Consider the metaphor of the butterfly with Deepak Chopra (3 minutes) to suggest worlds of possibility inherent in our consciousness that can facilitate our own transformation. What future have you imagined for yourself?
BruceLiptonSS Do our genes control our health? (1 minute) Bruce Lipton discusses epigenetics research that challenges the conventional beliefs about genes and reveals the role of emotion on our bodies and health.
We’ve reached a time in our society where we need to be responsible for self-care…
vid-ss Watch our interview, which gives you a sneak peak inside the reference deck!


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