Light_150dpiAbout light therapy

Get your colours happening! We chose light therapy for toolboxtime™ as it is:

  • User-friendly and non-pharmaceutical
  • Safe to use for adults, children and animals
  • Natural and non-invasive
  • Utilised in hospitals around the world as standalone or complementary treatment
  • Beneficial with emotional, mental and physical conditions.

Our cards provide a snapshot of how you can address common emotions and symptoms using light therapy. The recommended colour lens is shown on each card and the information card describes the benefits of each colour. The information booklet contained in your toolboxtime™ deck will provide you with further detail on colour attributes. Adding essential oils can amplify results of your light therapy applications.

A bit about light therapy… it uses a light source through a lens to direct light onto areas of discomfort, acupuncture points, reflexology zones, meridians and chakras to assist in removing energy blocks. Imbalance in the energy centres is thought to be a key reason behind the manifestation of disease. Colour and light gently works on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual to rectify this imbalance.

toolboxtime™ preferred supplier is Bioptron, the leader in light therapy. Bioptron lights are used effectively on a wide range of conditions such as pain, wounds, skin problems and seasonal affective disorder. Fast, safe and painless treatment for domestic and professional use. Suitable for everybody, everywhere, anytime. If you have 30 minutes watch this video.

How to order

You may contact Bioptron direct to find a supplier in your country or for Australia please contact Kate & Stephen at Light Frequency.