Intent_150dpiAbout intentions

Being aware of your thoughts, intuition, feelings and your reactions to them, presents an opportunity to change course and create a future that you desire. Intentions are the fun creative element of toolboxtime™ to help you address emotions and symptoms on-the-go. An intention is the desire to carry out what you wish to achieve.

You can have fun creating your own intentions simply by letting your imagination run wild. Children are very creative so be sure to get them involved. To help get your creative mojo on, use essential oils to trigger the limbic region of the brain!

We’ve pulled together a few gems to plant a seed of just what is possible….

  • We don’t have to lose our imagination as we grow older! Watch Deepak Chopra as he explores the dynamics of a creative life.
  • Every thought we have, perception we carry or emotion we feel, will create either a sense of harmony or dis-ease within us. Watch Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton have a discussion about ‘The Biology Of Belief’.
  • Did you know you have an intuitive gut? Spiritual teacher and author Caroline Myss says we all have an intuitive gut that helps guide our life choices. Maybe it’s time to listen to your inner voice. Watch as Oprah and Caroline discuss how to tune in to that intuition—and how it can help you determine your life’s purpose.

We love to use Oracle cards for a daily message or to help us focus our thoughts on a specific question. Don’t hide your oracle cards …sure people may think you’re a little ‘out there’ but it’s time to share the love! Some of our favourites are ‘Return of Spirit’ by Cheryl Lee Harnish, ‘Gateway’ by Denise Lim and ‘Angel Therapy’ by Doreen Virtue. There are some great decks available for children as well!